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Moment of Truth by La-cruciatus Moment of Truth by La-cruciatus
"You are my daytime shooting star."

It's tough when you're in love with your teacher, even more so when he loves you back. There's always the stigma of age disparity and 'what will people say.' But love is love. You can't tell yourself who not to fall in love with. You're unconscious of it till bam! and you're already in too deep. It's hard to come to terms with your own feelings but even harder to let go of them. Which brings me to Suzume and Shishio. 

Seriously, does Shishio think it's that easy to break it off? Be cruel, make her cry and hope she hates you now. While lying all the time. You love her dude and want the best for her but the smartest way to go about that isn't to break to her heart. I don't mean that they should date on the sly because that always ends well in shoujo. (sense the sarcasm) But lots of teacher-student romances work out in real life. So why couldn't he just explain to Suzume that given their positions, it's not like society will give them their blessings. But high school doesn't last forever. So in the meantime, they can wait and try out their feelings and once Suzume graduates, they can start dating officially. Even a situation like this makes for good plot twists.

I've restrained myself from reading spoilers but I couldn't help overhearing someone speculating that Suzume develops feelings for Mamura. If that's true, and given the current focus on Mamura as the good guy who heals the brokenhearted girl, I can't blame them or even Suzume. But that would make me question the depth of her feelings for Shishio: if she can fall for another guy so soon, that would make her a needy baby indeed. Which would totally ruin her character, which has so far made a favourable impression on me.

Hirunaka no Ryuusei Yamamori Mika
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